Our Programmes 

To build a lively engagement with Art, in the service of expression and inquiry, cultivates and strengthens essential dispositions in young children such as persistence, creativity, problem solving and flexibility.

Beginner Class (Regular Lessons)

3yo to 5yo

$150 per 4 lessons

To spur the interest of art in Children, we carefully selected meaningful children books, nursery rhymes and cartoon characters and create interesting lesson plans based on that. Children are able to find meaning to create artworks based on what they are familiar with and hence ease their short attention span. They will be amazed with their abilities to create!

TAKE: Self-confidence, problem solving, fine motor skills and social skills.

Intermediate Class (Regular Lesson)

5yo to 8yo

$150 per 4 lessons


Children learn to create interesting Artworks by implementing the elements of Art and Principles of design. They will create Artworks relating to everyday life and cultures. They will be introduced to famous artists and study of visual Art. Students are cultivated to be independent and confident artist. Parents will be amazed by their new abilities after months of lessons.

TAKE: Self-confidence, problem solving, social awareness skills, observational skill, patience and various Art techniques.

Experience Class (Regular Lesson)

9yo to 12yo

$160 per 4 lessons

Children will be introduced to various Artist and fundamental study of Visual Art/ Artist expressions. They will experiment and create their own style of mixed media Artwork.

TAKE: Self-confidence, problem solving, social awareness skills, observational skill, patience and various Art techniques, self- awareness through reflective Art activities.

Art Jamming (2 Hrs)

6yo to 16yo

$48 per session / $35 per session (Members)

Art jamming allows children to discover and explore Art through painting. It is a great get away from the stressful school life. It is the time to make mistake and discover the unexpected!

Come join the fun with curiosity, playfulness, imagination and an open mind!

TAKE: Self-confidence, observational skill, patience, creative skills some Art techniques, creativity and self-expression/ reflection.

*Children under 10 years old must be accompany by an adult.

Extra Lessons (2 Hrs)

$60 per session / $45 per session( Members)

Have you ever feel stress because your child’s school needs you to participate in certain Art projects and you have no idea what to do?

We got you all covered! Our creative team will help you to brainstorm ideas and provide you with the materials. All you have to do is to pop by with your child and enjoy the Art Making Process!

TAKE: Stress-free parents, happy and confident child, great bonding session with your child, and beautiful Artworks.


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